SanDan Congee


01. 1 bowl Plain rice
02. A Egg
03. A Preserved eggs(Pidan)
04. A salted egg
05. 1 tsp Soup-stock
06. 1 tsp Chicken powder
07. 1/2 tsp sugar
08. 500cc Water
09. Some Salt & Pepper


01. sliced the preserved eggs and salted egg.
02. Boiling plain rice with the water and add salted egg and preserved egg cook for about 15 minutes.
03. Mix together chicken powder, sugar, salt and soup-stock.
04. Beat to spread the egg and put it into the pot then turn off the heat
04. Serve with some salt and pepper.

Teochew Casserole Porridge (潮汕砂锅粥)

Dried Turnip
Sesame oil

1. Cut and washed shrimp, shrimp should, shrimp feet, the shrimp split in half.
2. Cleaned and cut dried turnip, celery cut pellets, ginger cut into filaments.

1. Into the remaining rice in casserole, add rice to 4 times of water, open, cook over medium heat, begin to thick porridge.
2. Add dried turnip, stir it for 2 minutes.
3. Add ginger, stir cook for half a minute.
4. Add shrimp, stir cook until shrimp change color.
5. Serve some celery.
6. 1 spoons sesame oil, turn off the heat, the use of casserole heat, stirring evenly.

This pot to cook with leftover rice porridge for almost 20 minutes, mainly is to first cook thick porridge, a bowl of leftover rice, but also achievements in a pot of creamy porridge.