CNY dessert

*20 fresh/ dried lotus seeds (I used the dried lotus seeds)
*2 whole pods fresh lily bulbs /20 petals dried lily bulbs (I used the fresh ones)
*20 dried longans
*40 wolfberries (kei zhi)
*15-20 red dates (seeded)
*Handful of yellow rock sugar cubes (according to personal preference)
*1500 ml water

01. Soak dried lotus seeds with hot water for 15 mins. Cut into halves.
02. Wash lily bulbs, longans and wolfberries.
03. Bring water to boil. Add in lotus seeds and cook under medium heat for another 15 mins or until the lotus seeds turn soft.
04. Add in red dates and continue to cook for another 10 mins.
05. Add in dried longans and continue to cook for another 10 mins.
06. Add in fresh lily bulbs, kei zhi and rock sugar. Cook for another 5 mins. Turn off the heat.

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