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Curry Fish Head

*1-1.2 kg Fish Head (whole)
*5-6 slices Ginger
*1 pkt Red Curry Paste (Dancing Chef)
*2 pcs Lady finger - cut slant
*1 pc Eggplant- cut slant
*2 Tomatoes - cut wedges
*2 sprig Curry leaves
*1 tsp Salt
*1 tbsp Chilli paste (optional)
*150ml Coconut milk (Heng Guan brand)
*500ml Water

01.Clean and wash the fish head then use kitchen towel to pat dry.

02.Season with some salt and pepper.

03.Grease plate with little corn oil and put fish head on it with slice ginger.

04.Steam at high fire for 5 minutes.

05.Heat some cooking oil in wok.

06.Add Red Curry Paste and curry leaves, fry for a few minutes.

07.Add water and bring to boil.

08.Add in fish head and vegetable, cover and simmer at medium fire for about 7 minutes.

09.Lastly add in coconut milk, 1 tsp salt and bring to boil again.

10.Remove from heat.