Pig Stomach Soup(too tor t'ng)

*500g Pig stomach
*500g Pork ribs/Chicken
*150g Water chestnut
*100g Preserved vegetable
*40g Ginger
*40g Shitake mushroom (soaked)
*30g Garlic
*20g Yunan Chinese Ham
*20g Spring Onion
*1tsp Peppercorn, (crushed)
*2lit Water
*1tsp Salt, to taste
*1tsp Pepper, to taste

01.Clean the pig stomach by washing it with water & plenty of salt, repeat this process a few times. Once cleaned, boiled it with spring onion, peppercorn & ginger till soft (20 minutes). Fry the pig stomach for another 5 minutes, this will further reduce the unwanted smell.
02.Boiled water, add in the pig stomach, pork/chicken, water chestnut, lots of peppercorn, preserve vegy, ginger, Yunan chinese ham (If you have) and shitake mushroom. Cook for approximately 1 hr or until pork/chicken is tender.
03.Then add in the gingko simmer for another 15 minutes. Season to taste with salt & pepper.
04.Add it lots of peppercorn if you wish, this will definitely brings out the heat in you !

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