Mint porridge

The 150 grams of rice, the other with fresh mint, dried mint, 100 grams or 20 grams with a darker soup pan, add appropriate amount of sugar and pour it into porridge, the blend.

Effectiveness: catch cold, headache and itching, sore throat are very good.

Japan Meatloaf


* 300 grams flour
* 250 grams of beef
* 50 grams onion
* egg, pepper, ginger, soy sauce, starch, rice wine, sesame oil


  1. Fillings

  • Wash chopped beef minced meat, chopped onion, ginger chopped into a fine powder;

  • Beef to add a little starch grasping absorbed, then add a spoonful of cooking oil, with salt, pepper, soy sauce, cooking wine, sesame oil, into an egg, stirring in one direction to pull its weight

  • to join a large spring onion and ginger and continue to mix in one direction after curing for 30 minutes covered with plastic wrap;

  1. Pastry and meat pie making

  • Flour, adding the right amount of warm water, form the pastry into a smooth surface of the dough, cover with plastic wrap awake for 20 minutes;

  • Kneading dough growth will be a good wake up, and then sub-divided into four smaller doses ;

  • Rubbing small doses became round, use hand to flat press, and make it into a large circle;

  • from the circle center of dough under the knife, cut dough to the edge of the cut dough in half;

  • the dough in 3/4 evenly coated with the preserved meat, do not pay attention to the edge of dough coated;

  • will not have the dough coated meat stacked up, and then to the right stack, the last remaining part of the following stacked up hand will be marginalized by tight;

  • pan put oil into the folded meat pie, cover the pot, a small fire to simmer till golden on both sides when ripe can be the middle.

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